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Art India

I met the artist Alwar Balasubramaniam in Mumbai recently. What struck me about Bala, as he is popularly known, was the sense of serenity he seemed to possess - his calm demeanour, his scientific approach to life's problems and his determination to arrive at clear solutions, were quite impressive. His artworks - many of which use hues of golden yellow, sky blue and sea green -  pay a homage to a life lived in close proximity to nature. There is something simple but magical in the organic world he re-creates and the sense of harmony he aspires to.

I was impressed to see the house he has built-in Tirunelveli.  Far from the madding crowd, his wife and he have built a school for children in his village, away from the polluted environs of the city and free from the relentless pressures of the material world.

I am proud that I could acquire some of his works. His genius for creating art that is in tune with the altering rhythms of life needs to be more widely recognized. More power to him and his quiet capacity to create captivating worlds!

-Sangita Jindal