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Deccan Chronicle

For me the practice of making sculptures comes from around me. Generally, this is organic and so I use it in my work. Looking at art resources to make a sculpture comes from my surrounding or from my life experience. This has nothing to do with my art practice from college. I have always had this curiosity in materials. I would call my works a sculpture because I look at anything three-dimensional. My dream from childhood was to be a practicing artist. I had no clue how to go about it. Thie distinctions of shows, museums, galleries, never crossed my mind. I have always believed that making art and buying art are two very different things and should be kept that way. I have had a couple of shows in India and the reception was pretty good. I see a growing appreciation for all kinds of art which is a good trend. Right now I have a show on at SFMOMA. I have used muslin, tamarind kernel powder and steel. I am trying to push my boundaries visually in this show. I borrow a lot from traditional crafts but I don't always use it the same way traditional craftsmen do. I haven't thought of my practice through gender but there have been some reactions that made me aware of it. For my sculpture at the SFMOMA, I made a piece with old car bodies. I had to source the material from a junkyard which women don't generally go to. I was definitely perceived differently. It was a learning experience for me. 

I love: For me it's always been a pretty city. I studied art here. 

I question: Art education is still stuck in the Modernist period. There is a lot of catching up to do. 

-Suchitra Chakravarti Shekary