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Titled 'Present Continuous', the show features Ranjani's new sculptural work in different materials. Ephemeral yet distinct, Ranjani's work permeates elusiveness, refusing to be contained by simple categorization. Her materials yield to unfamiliar realizations, as in 'Stretch' in which wood seems to have been modeled like clay, while the artwork 'Scent of a Sound' traverses the gallery space like an unruly fragrance encompassing it like a lingering melody. The organic forms constructed with steel and muslin float in mid-air confronting the viewers as they enter, daring them to step inside and imbibe the view. 

"The driving force behind Ranjani's work is a poetics of space. Whether destined for public, private, or even intimate settings, her art takes account of the physical, molecular, organic - and emotional nature of the space in question. Drawn to the intrinsic qualities of simple materials, Ranjani creates installations that are often intended to reveal the process of perception and apprehension of the built and non-built spaces she makes her own. In this way, she establishes a metaphorical relationship with the very body of a space and the space of a body, with those cycles and reactions whose center - if indeed there is one - is the sensory experience of the surrounding world," says Phillipe Vergne, Director DIA Art Foundation, New York. Ranjani's work can currently be seen at the Museum of Modern Art, New York in 'On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century.' Her work has been the subject of solo exhibitions at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (2009), The Modern Art Museum, Fort Worth, TX (2008-9) and the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA (2008) too.