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Where did your fascination with art begin? 

It began at a young age, as a schoolboy in Chennai who could not study well but enjoyed drawing. As I grew up, I realized that my calling lay in something to do with art, and what I enjoyed doing and could do was art and there was no other choice. 

Where do you get inspiration? 

All around, often not directly from the aid of visual art but from other fields. I feel there is no particular formula to get it. It is like a flash or spark. You only know when it happens. All we can do is prepare ourselves to identify when it happens. The interesting challenge is once we get it - how to make it a work and the possibility to share with others, and that is what engages me to do something. 

What is it that you like to convey or communicate through your art? 

In recent years I have been trying to capture the invisible territories through sculpture, like the space of a shadow or a magnetic field. The intention is to create the moment in which one becomes aware of that which exists but we fail to see. It is with limited senses that we conceive our pictures, through sound, smell, taste, touch, and much more. We know our senses are very limited, yet we are always engaged in trying to define things in life. More importantly, we are trained to understand only through the process of defining, even though life is in constant transformation. This shows that we are far away from a holistic understanding of things. The works from this period are more questions than answers. 

-Shruti Kapur Malhotra